“If we must have violence, then let it be the violence of violets,…”-Jose Alcantara

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Jose Alcantara understands our world’s need to do as violets do, be as they are, in their thrust into the world. This month’s featured poems speak to the motion of joy within stilled moments, that primal sense/ of treading water in bed Tanya Grae writes of in “Waterline,” and a way of taking/ Into myself the single light shining at the center… in “Out of These Wounds, the Moon Will Riseby Jay Hopler.

We have two poems by Kasey Jueds, and she considers To be made/of absence/like this: in “Window and Field” and “The Bat” reminds us of Blake’s angels, how they leaned/
toward each other, and balanced/ by touching only the tips of their wings?

Poetry allows us to question and ponder the responses we have to our world, helps remind us of our internal sense of being, our need for quiet, and the freedom to move within that space,

a space

like the one just after rain begins, when rain
isn’t rain, but the smell
of dust lifted, something silent and clean.

(from “The Bat”)

As poets we try to hear the murmurs of truths beneath the noise of untruths, and so we observe, we listen, we respond, again and again because we must.

poets, and more amazing poets

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This month’s collection is featuring five exceptionally strong voices including Terrance Hayes‘ sonnet (a sonnet in a series of fourteen), for technology, one of his past and future assassins, Iraq veteran Carlo André’s trying to understand the enormity of war, heather hughes‘ respect and concern for the role of science (is it for sale?), Joseph Massey’s wishful

and I
thought I found a way
to stop thinking—

and Carl Phillips asking How far is instinct from a thing/like belief?

At what point is believing so close/ to knowing, that any difference between the two isn’t worth the fuss,/ finally? 

These voices make up some of the many reasons why poetry exists.

We’re pleased here at poems2go to share and promote this resounding chorale. Stronger together.

Christine and Sarah

Hanging out at The Wild Goose Meeting House

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Every few months I get to visit this cool town encircled by glorious mountains. My husband Michael is on the Olympic USAT board committee and while he’s at meetings, I get to work on my poetry, sitting here at The Wild Goose Meeting House, one of p2g’s supporters. They came on board back in February, and looks like the poems like their new home. They have a special spot on the piano, next to a wild goose painting. Since there’s live music every Friday and Saturday, these poems are rocking. There were only a handful left from the last batch I mailed out.

I refilled our p2g feeder with more poems, and breakfasted on a delicious wild boar sausage and egg quesadilla, and their house chai…yum!

Pennsylvania is now on the p2g map

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One of our contributors, (and a Lesley posse mate) Bonita Lee Penn, has found homes for p2g in two new venues: Penguin Bookshop in Sewickley, PA, and City Books in Pittsburgh (Allegheny West/Northside.)

Since 1929, the Penguin Bookshop has been a fixture in the bucolic town of Sewickley, Pennsylvania.  With 6 different owners and 3 different locations over the last 85-plus years,  the Penguin has remained a vital community institution thanks to the continued loyalty of its customers and the passion of its booksellers. Located just 20 minutes outside of both Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh International Airport, it remains one of the local and regional community’s greatest treasures.

City Books carries new & used, collectible & rare, and English & foreign language books for diverse audiences. They are a small, friendly shop with an emphasis on both old-world charm and modern customer service.

Thanks Bonita!

“Poetry matters in this fractured world.”-Marjorie Saiser

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For poetry month, p2g is featuring four stellar poets. We’ve published two poems from Marjorie Saiser who advises not try to solve everything in “Listen My Bearded One,” and in “Even the Alphabet,” she points out the power of silence through the silent letter k who, though it can speak,/ kneels before n and says nothing, nothing.

Boston’s poet laureate, Danielle Legros graces our project with her evocation of To free/ you would be to break you in her poem “Egg.” And Adrian Matejka writes his poem “So Far to Go” after Jean-Michel Basquiat’s drawing titled St. Joe Louis Surrounded By Snakes (1982). Boys will be boys, and talk will be talk but he knows every swing breaks something. Both Legros and Matejka have recently published books, The Dear Remoteness of You, and Map to the Stars, respectively.

Finally we have returning contributor, Simon Perchik, who knows how to move a poem, writing this hillside already has/your cheeks, is still expanding. 

While April is National Poetry Month, at p2g, every month is poetry month. Contribute a poem, read a poem, share a poem.

planting poems in Pomfret, CT

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The Vanilla Bean Cafe in Pomfret, CT is a new host to p2g thanks to my dear friend Sharon, who says she loves being a poetry ambassador, that she feels “like Miss Rumphius,” the fictional story of a woman who sought a way to make the world more beautiful and found it in planting lupine in the wild. We do it by planting poems.

“Poetry is the consciousness which gives rise to voice.”-Carolyn Forche

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And the voice is certain in this month’s collection, featuring three gorgeously provocative poems by award-winning poet Elizabeth Metzger whose debut book The Spirit Papers was released at the beginning of the year.

You will feel the sparrow in the dark space of your throat, where your voice rises from, and you will see What light is to the eyeless.

Gather your thunders in my skirt, Metzger writes. I trust she will keep them safe.

Bonita Lee Penn shares her formidable voice as a black woman in “Rosary Prayers” showing us what ain’t pretty, what is in Black women’s hearts–

And I share my “Plea to an Oyster” believing it has all the answers my heart is wishing for.

Thank you for reading p2g. And look under the Where to Find p2g tab for your print copies.

Sarah and I wish for all your voices to be heard and overheard.